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That's all, {{answer_bNMeuHFq3Q0J}} Thanks for registering with us. We will contact you with further information about payment of the course fee (DKK 2000 per module). See you soon. Lærdansk
Sorry, {{answer_bNMeuHFq3Q0J}} Online sign up is currently not avaliable for Lærdansk {{answer_PeNrU3y5r9aC}}. Please contact Lærdansk {{answer_PeNrU3y5r9aC}} for assistance with the sign up process. Have a nice day. Lærdansk
Oh no, {{answer_bNMeuHFq3Q0J}} Former students and most new students need a Danish CPR number to enroll with Lærdansk. Please contact your local Citizen Service to get one. You will find one at DOKK1. Hope to see you again soon Lærdansk
As you are not a resident of the Aarhus municipality you will need a referral to Lærdansk Aarhus from the municipailty where you reside.

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